Talking to you

good idea to talk to you guys!?! :D

Good Morning!!! How are you guys???

I just wished for a great week and a great weekend too!

I hope each of you are greatly blessed and hope you enjoy my posts, at the moment I'm a little busy and maybe even a little lost,

I need to organize myself better so that you are better informed about the situation ..

Wish me luck!

Let's be happy while there is time.

Kisses and have a nice day!

Wishing a good lucky

I hope your happiness

And How are you?

I want you to be very happy in all your business.

I wish you the best this life can give!

Keeping in mind temperance, longsuffering and love.

I hope for success, life and peace.

I hope for joy and grace.

Fullness and vigor.

What do you enjoy doing most?

Do with dedication everything that gives you pleasure.

Visit your friends, help the poor and have a kind spirit in your heart

Because when we love and believe in our happiness or our neighbor's happiness, we become stronger. And when we help someone without thinking of retribution our spirit rises and we find peace.

Because we know that we are doing our part for a better, more accessible world for everyone.

Help and grow with it.

Accept that we cannot have everything or do everything we feel like, but we can do the best with what we have at hand.

Be happy.

things to thinking

What’s up guys?

I hope you are feeling nice and pretty well

Today’s post is about what is more important to live

When you pick up something or get more improviment to development of your creativity

I just mind about the creation and development of your properly theorem. and progressive mind,

because if you just matter about your thoughts and your creation you can believe something good, but when you achieve to put more ideas on. You are certain to obtain more relative about statistics and best resources.

As well, when you are trying to get more opinion and maybe you can to select new process and to choose more others ideas for that your project going up and grow with statistics and good decision inside the development and more progress with searching and good treasure of ideias.

Those ideas could be come of your friends, your colaborativies, etc.

For this season and week, let’s get try to improve new colaborations and progressives ideas to your projects going truly well and come to get more purchases or creations, etc.

keep breathing.

Hello Everyone!!!

I am Gabiii and I am here to help you, as well passing good thoughts about life…

To make you feel better, and still more comfortable to be present for anything that could happening at the time or just keep your mind healthy.

Because the rotine spent a lot of our energy and sometimes makes us to feeling sad or blue.

I wish that everybody or else, can to live the best of the life.

And I don’t wish for you bad vibes.

So just keep in your mind that we need all day reflex about the community and we should to spent some hours of our day with the people around us, like oldest people, our sad friends, our animals, our neighborns, our childrens, the opposity of us, the poor people.

Somethings that desgast us, don’t matter to much . Then that we could spent hours with another things, like plants, because the nature need us too.

Well. I hope that you keep breathing, allthought this crazy side of the world that is depression or illness, or other occasions.

But I wish good things for all of you.

Bible refletion.

Hi guys! (this text was made with translator.)

All right? I'm Gabiii and I'm here to please you.

Good. I don't like to feel sad during the day, much less at night.

So let's do a little reflection.

I was here thinking and decided to write…

Do you know when we feel empty and hopeless?

When I feel this way, I stop and breathe and think about how many good things I have, and I know that if I'm not cool it's because we can't have everything and we should be content, but we can't let others make our day worse. We should be able to be happy without anyone's help and when we can feel that way, it is because we are complete.

Come on. When I am sad, I think about how good God is to me, and if I am good to Him, that is, God-fearing, He will repay me simply because He is superior to humans and does not treat us according to our iniquities, but with charity and love that He feels for us, but the Bible says that when we are very disobedient, that is, we mistreat someone, whether of the family, as our parents, surely God can punish us, because we can not be so and not we must be ungrateful.

But let's go to the part I would like to deliver.

“Ask, and it will be given you; search, and you will find; knock and it will open to you.

For he who asks receives; and he who seeks finds; and he who knocks will open it.

And which of you is the man that shall ask his son for bread, and give him a stone?

And asking her for fish, will she give him a snake?

If ye then, being evil, know how to give good things to your children, how much more shall your Father which is in heaven give good to them that ask him?

Therefore, all that you want men to do to you, do so also to yourselves, for this is the law and the prophets.

Enter through the narrow door; For the gate is broad, and the way is broad, that leadeth to destruction: and many enter in;

Matthew 7: 7-13 ”

Here is a passage, which shows us how the Lord loves us, because anyone who reads, and if in communion, can feel the love of God in her life, it is like: if we make a true reflection on this passage, the Lord you can accept us right away, because He is so glad to receive a prodigal son who repents, and at the beginning of Matthew 7 says, that we must not judge, lest we be judged, so the Lord tells us, we must go to Him as we are, because only He can help us. Then comes the emptiness we feel, and it can be filled with a humble, charitable heart and willing to God's will. A responsible person, who knows how to listen to God, must seek Him so that He can wipe away their tears, we will not be sad, we will trust, that God can, see and work.

Let's be true and confident.

Stay with God.


Be happy and nothing more, reflection

Hello people!! How are you all doing? (with translate, sorry :C)

I missed typing here…

I am very happy with everything that happens here today…

Let's talk about good things, isn't it?

For all things God has a purpose, good things happen and sometimes we don't even notice how these little things that happen strengthen us, make us more human, happier in themselves.

To have happiness, in your opinion, you need a material good? Could money erase the sadness of bad times in your life?

Or do fears continue?

Not everything we can change, but when we are filled, all simple things strengthen us.

Do you know when you really need to be filled with something sublime?

Where are you going to look?

Well, when I am sad I focus on a greater good in my life, I need to seek my God to strengthen me. I think about how big and perfect and just wants my good, I think I'm having a meeting with God and that He says it's for me to calm down that He persecutes me, follows me and doesn't abandon me, because He, God, He loves me with a love far greater than the paid things of this earth, which do not hear, smell, and move, and love me more than any earthly human being.

Let's meditate on Salm 37 and 38. Because there it is that we are the weak and weak human, but God blesses those who are right and just…

Let's trust God more and hope things will fit together, because I'm sure that when we get in fellowship, in short, quick times God can change our situation.

feeling blue! hope to believe. #mind #helpfull #keepcalm 😜😝🤗😌

Hello everybody? How did you do this week?

Have you been happy? Are you bored? Did you have sadness?

It's all part of life, isn't it? Bad and good times, they always show up, we can't escape…

Do you feel a void? Fear? Insecurity?

The answer is for sure, we always weaken, especially when we have something important to solve, that we cannot wait for it to happen, or that we wanted for a long time and now the possibility has arrived….

But what should it send in our thoughts?

As I am a Christian, I say, what must command in our thoughts and things, all things, must be the Lord Jesus.

Because He came to earth and died for us, He knows what is most difficult and impossible, because He knows everything and knows everything.

You know today I woke up like every day, but when it came time to talk to God, I found Psalm 40. And in this psalm says that we should put our trust in God.

Because there is nothing more powerful than God.

He is so good and loves us so much that in our little tribulations He appears and brings forth sorrow; the joy.

Let us no longer ask ourselves, Christ lives and loves the one who seeks him, who thinks of him and as he says in Matthew 7, ask and open to you, seek and you will find, I think this is it.

Think today, you woke up to be deserving, to be victorious, you woke up to believe and knock on the door that will open and you will find the light.

Leave your worries somewhere in your thinking, leave it in God's hands.

I wanted to bring joy to you, because I am happy in everything.

God bless.


Numbers 17.

You are chosen by God to win, believe me

Believe in your potential, do not let others have power over your heart.

Leave the vanities and things of this life aside, aside from your choices, aside in your thinking.

We need to trust God, be better people,

If we see our brothers in need, let them help.

Let's raise our friends 'heads, and above all our neighbors' heads.

Be the choice with Christ, be the belief, be the love, be the light. SHINE!

You were born to receive a crown from God, to receive the sword from the highest.

Fight like David: against the Giant.

Every day in the morning, there is one more opportunity, which you can enjoy until 00 hours.

Go in front of your mirror and say to yourself: I can do everything that strengthens me.

God surrounds us, protects us. You think He doesn't see.

But always He watches us, probes and at the right time, He appears.

But be faithful, be straight and just.

Try to honor your family, your parents, and God.

Project your victory ... and trust, the chosen ones are already chosen, be part.

End vanity, injustice and murmuring, because besides taking care of you, God who is just has joy and peace and not vanity, injustice and murmuring.

If He has to weigh His works in a balance and He has to honor you, He will,

Because He is omnipresent, omnipotent and omniscient, and He works with us, heals us, and will lift you up.

Weigh in your balance and be faithful, forgive your brothers, and hold no grudge.

God is with you, He is faithful.

The stick that I had to flower will bloom.

Be in yourself. Be only. Be if you persuade the expectations. 😾💗💗

Hello Everybody!! 😾💗💗

How are going? Truly Well? Trè Bien? Ça va? Tudo Bem?

I am expecting that you can to read me at now, as well I am here every time possible.

Just today, I am going to write about faith and believe all the time in you and into your purposes, if it can good to the earth.

Because one home contamin, everything contaminated.

The thing can be lost by your speak, as can i explain, what do you think, but didn’t said;don’t matter, as well, the thinks that you speak and proud throw away, in atmosphere can be a disaster for the neighbors. Can I say, good thoughts, good acquisitions.

Expect good things from God, because He is the boss of the world.

Pray you again and again. Pray only, don’t stop fight for the faith.

Fight with purposes. Expect nice feelling; if you is a good mother; a good father and a good son, expect, as same, if you can’t, but fight, don’t give up.

When you found yourself, you approaches for the victory and peace.

Persuade your expectations, be you, believe entire heart.

Be happy. Nice things can happen. Don’t give up.

Big Kisses, Bye Bye.

Chance to be good. #poetistic. 😾💗💗

amo você, seja feliz independente de qualquer coisa, acredite em Deus, tenha fé.

eu te amo.

I love you...

Hello Everyone else, I love you, kindly! I really hope your growing and goals, I wish that you can to develop your habilities and might be happy, within which you would be able persude and improve some smarts business

I hope you pass well, I want to you be happy, with which you have.

Enjoy it.

Don’t give up, believe in yourself, wish good thoughts and comand your life.

Breath, aspiring, breath again, aspiring…

The life was a work, comes a work, and turn a work,

I want to say that: Under the sun, all one is a fulled vanity.

So breath and breathing out. Leave in God’s hand, believe.

It worth and this is the chance, this is the freeway.

Sorry i am a poetistic.

HELLO! 👊🏽❤️ ❤️ ❤️ 👊🏽

Hello Dear.

What’s up?

Be happy, be holy, be blessed.

What it coming from?

Don’t leave the bad thoughts to over your head.

Feels like something good will happen to you, as well, as you believe.

Pray to someone, pray to your children's, pray to the world, pray and pray a lot. Pray for your business, pray for your destiny and approaching of God.

Be hurt, be proud, be honest, be imperfection, but try to consagrate kindly of time, catch that time of you spent with futilities and stuffs. Pray!! Believe! Be trust! Be honest!

Help each other, help your family, help your friends, help for the place be more comfortable.

Have peace.


I wanted to tell all the people who spend their time reading here!

Thank you so much for the affection, ok?

Over time we get better at the things we want to be,

In what we want to be good, some with a lot and others with little, but we can never discredit our potential!

Welcome to the real world, where not even colors often color our glow!

We set aside our brilliance so that other people shine in our place, sometimes that's fine, but we can't always let these things happen, can't we?

Let us believe that in the world there is a greater force that governs us.

She interacts with everything and makes things come to their place,

Sit and do, search and be.


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I am another day here wishing you good morning and good week.

And what blessings from heaven may surround you.

I had long wanted to say something instructive and good, such as good thoughts and reflections.

So today is a day when I'm trying to get inspired: to tell you good things.

So today, when I went to open the bible to read, I opened in Exodus 14:27

There it says that the Egyptians perish in the sea.

When the captive people left Egypt, they had to pass through the Red Sea.

It was when Moses stretched out his hand over the sea and the sea regained its strength at dawn,

So are we when we are down and have no strength, we seek and God stretches his hands over us and we take back our forces, so are the Egyptians who perished at sea, they went out to do something out of their father's will and eventually perish.

When time is not right, we lose, when time does not move as we wanted to perish, when God does not look for us we fall, we lose strength.

But as God went with his people and with Moses, he reaches out to us and says: We trust in the word of the Lord, we trust in the ways God creates us.

Don't leave the squads, stand where you are and wait for the right time for everything.

He who takes refuge in the Lord never perishes. He crosses the sea, He wins, He wins, He lacks nothing, and peace comes upon Israel and the People of God.

The rod of the Lord, his royal scepter, his will, his love, the peace that surrounds us, serves us as a wall, serves us as a path, serves as a refuge. It serves as a wall against our enemy's attack, you will win, you will be, you will reach, you will exceed, you will succeed. Believe

Nothing will lack you, you will see your enemies on the shore of the sea, dead because they have not honored the one who saves, who has wisdom, who has the power, who wins, who prepares, who protects, who reigns, who is the Lord of heaven and from the earth.

Believe me that I am with you, that I love you, that I surround you, that I resurrect you that I am with you and that you will no longer have to force anything, that you will reach your goals, I am the shepherd of Israel, and of everyone who seeks me, who seeks me and who awaits me.

Today We let's talk about: Honest. Sincerity, and justice!

João 4, The water of life!

Then the Lord said that He gave them the water of life!

A water that those who drink will not be thirsty!

We must do justice, be honest, because there would be days when:

They would still see him, but then people would not see him anymore, they would just love him without seeing him. Therefore, what is in our heart is important, because if we worship God with our hearts, we will feel, and He will speak and we will eat the fruit of the one who planted, or we will eat the fruit of our prayers.

“And will it be that, when all these things have come upon you, the blessing or curse, which I have set before you, and remembering them among all the nations, where the Lord your God will send you,

And turn to the Lord your God, and listen to his voice, according to all that I command you today, you and your children, with all your heart, and with all your soul,

Then the Lord your God will bring you back from your captivity, and will have compassion on you, and will gather you again from all the nations among whom the Lord your God has scattered you. ”

Deuteronomy 30: 1-3

“A woman from Samaria came to draw water. Jesus said to him: Give me a drink.

Because his disciples had gone to the city to buy food.

So the Samaritan woman said to him, How, being a Jew, do you ask me to drink from me, that I am a Samaritan woman? (because the Jews do not communicate with the Samaritans).

Jesus replied, and said to him, "If you knew the gift of God, and who is he who says to you, give me a drink, you would ask him, and he would give you living water."

John 4: 7-10

“But the hour is coming, and it is now, when true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and in truth; because the Father seeks those who so adore him.

God is Spirit, and it is important that those who worship him worship him in spirit and in truth. ”

John 4: 23,24

I sent you to reap where you did not work; others worked, and you went into their work.

John 4:38

God acts when we do not think, He acts in our heart, in our soul, He sends angels, signs, he sends dreams, He is sweet as honey, He covers what we ourselves think and say; Oh my God have mercy;

He knows what we do, what we choose, what we plant ...

And when we love the one we don't see, but we know that He has power, that He exists and that: He accomplishes what we want, or that He fulfills His desire to be with us.

He acts, He appears! Because He speaks to us in the heart, He says that He is true, that what He wants to do for us, the wind may come, He will complete his will; be it something that we already thought, or something that we wanted and that we cannot afford, God is supreme to accomplish, our faith only needs to reach proportion to the point of the Lord attending.

Have faith, because faith saves,

Be of good cheer, because He relieves the hard way.

Have mercy and love, because She makes the work complete.

Act with love, pity and justice, calmly.

Have wisdom.

Gerated from by Gabriela Cazulli.