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Erasmo's vacation! #winter #rainytime #santaclauscoming

There are some places very beautiful in the middle of the mountains from the village in Switzerland or anywhere across. Living in, a english man native from England. This man was so wise and richest recently. For remember, this story is such a fairy tale and nothing more.

When Erasmo turns back of Switzerland for England: your native nation, on vacation for find your family, it happens a sism on the sky during him plane travel, something like a storms and truly rains on the sky, and some clouds crush, Erasmo feels sick and gets a crazy spasms, than he occasionally think your heart failing down, instead the crushing torrents of air. Erasmo was a religious man, so he made him pray and made a wish to charity of God, for all things happening is going the normal way. But the air-hostess talked to everybody and him that torrents of air was slowly and in the most will be better than that, and she was glad with that people achieved and get them places and took care of waiting the dinner’s time, and some hours along the airplane are going on the floor. Gently Erasmo takes his place and sleeps until the end.

Then the airplane goes to the floor, and everybody are going out and taking your bags and stuffs, but Erasmo suddenly notice that are much cold and, so much freeze outside, but saw that forget your raincoat in the bag, although He is going to the shopping to buy some warm and comfortable rain coat, when he notice the time and wished help some another occasionally with struggles and feeling cold in this rainy time, then Erasmo go to the airport away for buy two coat of cold weather and down temperature in England and into that way Erasmo seek someone in cold situation and warm up some soulmate.

As the same as Erasmo, warm a soul in this fall/winter time! The gain turns back!!!

Olavo, Thalia and Mr. Thiago, in the 2020 pandemic.

not real, but true.

Once upon a time, a very poor man who, with the 2020 pandemic, lost his job and had to be sheltered by his neighbor, and live in favor for a while; so he started living in his neighbor's borrowed house, with his family. This is a fable, invented by Gabiii and is not real.

In this house there were two children; one was the daughter of the unemployed Thiago, and the other child is called Olavo and is the son of neighbor Marcos, who lent the house. The girl is called Thália and she is six years old, Olavo is seven years old and they both go to the same school, but the boy Olavo has a physical disability in his legs, so he cannot walk… and Thália, a girl full of life and vigor , is so kind and generous to Olavo that when they both go to school, the girl helps him in his driving and also in the games, she loves helping him to participate; for this reason, it was that mr. Marcos, Olavo's father, wanted to help Thália's family, Mr. Thiago: it's just that children get along very well. So soon Thalia and Olavo's school found out what was happening to Thiago and decided to call him for a job interview, and so, even in the pandemic, Thalia's family was helped, and they could go back to their old home, in same street as Olavo.

What would help the children not to worry anymore and they could return to the healthy games of childhood and Olavo would be a more calm and calm person, he was also waiting for medical help for his problem and everyone, since always, they were rooting for him because they saw Thália and him playing while she helped him, providing a better life for his school friend. They hoped Olavo's life would go well, and Marcos wanted to see Thalia and his father very well again.

Therefore, no matter the color of the clothes, the cause or the problem, it is important not to give up and look for the solution.


Hey, today's story happens by a little village, and close neighboorhood in the USA, I don't know where, but it is a very beautiful place, I guess is nearly to Miami, I don't mind.

Having time in Miami city, there are a subject boy around him 28 years old, that make a choice, never forget or leave alone his family, but passing some time the family of him have had a problems with any bills, and Carlos (the guy) for trusth help, lost his job, and that powerfull wish make him cry and he would be able choose to deslocate his actually home for another place, and the option it was live with his biggest fã of him job and that famous passion for textiles and craftys work. She is a funny friend, her name is Sheila, but she is look alike and have had a bad mind with spirituals stuff and that. But Carlos was needing that through struggle and help, because Sheila was a genuine artist and have a strong personality with a modern mind without a peaceful vibe, but Carlos was a very strong mindset and convincent person and a truly friend. Both Carlos and Sheila are super friendly and they were students at the same university and they already worked together; certain Sheila would like to help him. Sheila look a rich girl, but Carlos have had content and experience, all right She give him a big help and both lived happy.

#helpsomeother #liveinpray #benefits

ps: ~wrote by me.


Today story, I am going tell that happen with Rose and her battle in the hospital.

Rose was born in Seattle and since she have had 8 years old, she marks point in hospital, because she have leucemic disease. But since then Rose go for her treatment and while having passage in hospital, when she pay for the bills, she donate and help the treatments and cares for another massive childrens which have the same disease and others diseases in a distances countries that they were needing and giving suplies: clothes, foods, materials, etc. So since her eight years old, she help another childrens and diferent countries, as good: adults too.

So let's enjoy and make the diferences in the world too, help anothers! Care each others to be nice, amazing, exciting and happy.

Christmas are coming, cheers with holding hands and warm hugs. #liberty #freedom #peace.


Hey, todays story is about Talia and her sucessful job. Very much short, don't worry!

Talia has 28 years old and She has been working since her 15 years old, for her future and sustentability life. She comes of a poor family, but have ever obstination since she has had three years old. For those and thats, choose your way and motivate yourself to do that perfectly. Close on Talia, She was obstinated, She had supremacy in her choices, ways and steps by steps, to achieve things that she wanted. Do perfectly, keep calm, breath away and visualize your victory, all jobs would be able to be done with class, passion and love, and carefully keeping calm.

Your life is perfect, doesn't matter who you are. You will be the best, You will be win!


dreams would be true!

Christmas Time!

For first, saying to you: Happy Holidays and a Happy Christmas time!

I am wishing to your family a nice week and have a good rest of the year!

Mel was a seamstress and She was a lover of sewing and a brilhant dressmaker too.

When she had a nine years old, Mel did a course of crafts and how to sew and produce pieces of fabrics sewed. She was pretty good and have had a nice learned about #arts and #sew, since then: like, how to sew a dress to her barbie or how to sew a doll with a lot of the fabrics that she could bought.

She have been live in a small town, but she had a big dreams and imagination (whe she was a child).

Today, Mel is a great stylish, a big designer and a brilhant producer and enterpreuner.

You must not block your dreams and You must be a believer about your dreams.

Make the Christmas true, make a wish.

Good Wishes!!!

and happy holy times!

Maye in Deathy Zone,

In fourth days, what gonna happened?

Maye was a sweet girl, that have been doing her high school time! One day, Maye have had troubles in her travel to come back for home, between october and november months, and all her collegues was to hospital and went to intern into the hospital. Maye had diagnostic like she was deat, and She was without life: for fourth days, quitly; but in the fourth day Maye opened her eyes and gonna live again...

Since that day Maye spent 31 days in observation at the hospital, passing 1 year she have had free passege to go out and go home. Maye tell that: for those four days quitly deathy in my life... She saw some angels and had some crazy dreams, all that dreams was pretty awesome and make her happy. Sometimes Maye doesn't feeling good, because remember of accident, but when she relember her dreams she want to be happy and make her family and friends happier too.

and you: What you would like to do if stayed in deathy zone for some days and suddenly gonna live again? Have you ever imagined?

Luiza and Her #Work #postings in #portuguese

Luiza was a painter and worked with art in her spare time. There was a dog, Homer: and he was big and very furry and very cute. Luiza's boyfriend was a public servant and he loved her very much. One day Luiza went to buy paint and wanted to paint a picture with oil paint. When she took everything to her studio, she left it there and went to dinner with her boyfriend, Tiago. They strolled, and ate, and had fun all night, but as Luiza made an appointment in her studio, even though the other day was her free time, she went home; so Tiago would drop her off at the studio the next day. So Luiza spent most of the morning painting her arts and then went to her service, she was a nurse. After she left work she would go back to her studio again and so Luiza spent the night in the studio, but she forgot a lighted candle and ended up falling asleep, and her dog Homer, stirred the candle and it went out, before an accident happened.

When Luiza woke up, there was the paint that Homer spread near the candle and she had to clean up the mess, but she thanked her puppy, because the worst did not happen.