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For something new, some usually ideas, made me to create this space, for that you can follow my ideas and share with someone more, my works as seamstress and #artsproduction. I am a lover of #fashiondesign and #fashionstyle

Get do it, got to this


First Post: New Collection of #Fashionweek #fashiontime #fashionevents. That is Trends and Tendency.


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Everyone dance now, everyone happy now, everyone extremely paying attention to this wonderful world, where the crazy things happens and everybody didn’t understand which things actually really matters. No the love only, but your truly motivation and force in braces arms and strong shoulders, doing someone more happier or more calm than your last time, think in your brothers, your neighborn and be the change that you want to see. BUT FIRST, LET ME TAKE A SELFIE

Let's Get Start in Hill?

Crazy... Baby I talking into you.

Hoping you into well situation, I hope you might growing prosperity! Because, this whole world are so being scared, crazy, and horrible! Wishing good vibes and temperature warmy. The sucks and stuffs are doing good and relaxing our mind, to scape and fast researchbly. #fastfood #warmswimmingpool #spa #dayoff #relaxing #stayhome #freemind #liberty #exauted. What have been doing for the moment, into this rise off about #covid_19 ? #Whatthehell? Cansei --' hehehehe. Goin write about #FASHION #IDEAS.